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Monday, September 22, 2014


I'll be asleep
when autumn comes
but when I wake,
it will be waiting.

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Longest Day

The longest day
ended with
the sweetest,
vintage light

and the crickets 
sang so beautifully
all the
short night

Friday, June 20, 2014


Robin's nest in a lilac right by the porch.

The crickets
sing a 

and it feels
like it's 
for me.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Northerners

The northerners
have come out
of their houses
to walk
the lakes

and down quiet,
country roads.

The northerners
have come out
of their houses.

But a thunderstorm
drives them
back in

and the
spring peepers
sing them to sleep.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Random bits of conversation

"I can't make potato soup with out celery.
If you don't like celery,
you don't like my potato soup." -My Mom
(actually, I don't always care for celery,
but I LOVE her soup!)
"I've looked all over
and I can't find my little dog."
-Jesse (sleepwalking.
Jenny was asleep
in his room)
Jakob- "Jesse, we've asked six questions."
Jesse- "Yeah, so?"
Jakob- "Well, you only have two answers written down."
(Jakob was giving us a personality test
to see if we were type A or type B.
Apparently Jesse is too type B to take the test.)
Tom's dog jumped up
and licked Mike's face.
Mike- "He doesn't lick his butt, does he?"
Tom- "I'm not gonna lie to ya..."
"What kind of evil birthday party
starts at 11:00 pm?!" -Me
(when the boys were younger)
"I'm going to say 'Hi' to everyone
and I'm going to the
environmental club
and today's going to be made
entirely of sugar!" -Jesse
Jakob- "Are we at home?" (sleep talking)
Me- "Yes, and everything is going to be okay."
Jakob- "Thanks Mom."
"I sighed when the small sliver of light
disappeared and summer turned into autumn."
-Jakob (A sentence he wrote to demonstrate
the Lotus Memory Method.)
"You don't need shoes bro. Not where we're goin'."
-Jesse (as he and Mike left for Harbor Fest)
Jakob- "Grandpa, where'd you get that hat?"
My Dad- "I don't remember."
Jakob- "Well, the reason I asked is because
it's not the one you wore in here."
"I'm trying to work on my essays but I keep getting distracted
by things like the tax system of Rome."  -Jesse
"I'm having an okay time at summer camp."
-Jakob (written from a camp where
he and Katie were counselors last summer.)
"Okay, I'm comin' for ya!" -Mike
(While loosing 4 games of croquet to
his dad and Jesse)
Jakob- "Are you going to the desert?"
Mike- "No, I'm going to work."
(In the morning. Jakob was sleep talking
and Mike was saying goodbye.)
"I love you! I love you! I love you!" -Jenny
(Jesse's dog. What it sounded like she was screaming
when Jesse came home from college.)
"What are you going to name it?
Haha, just kidding!
No, really. What are you going to name it?" -Me
(to Jakob about his new bike)
"Hello everybody. I'm not sure why you're all here
but I'm going to try to make this quick."
-Jakob (sleep talking)
"Sometimes it's just good to
get out your memories
and laugh." -Jesse

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Three Days

Jakob in his room at the co-op house
with his new bike.
Picture taken by his girl friend, Katie.
He hitchhiked home
to help with the syrup.
Surprise Mom!
I cried.
My bearded son,
my special one.
(I have two
of those.)
I'll have
three whole days
with a "son
long gone".
I am happy.

A picture from last year.
 All three of my guys gathering the sap.
They boiled it together again this year.

I Love this wild eden.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

We Know

Winter holds us
in it's
bitter hand.
It's fist
but we
and raised,
we know
these seasons
by heart.