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Monday, April 1, 2013

Working Man

Your eyes are dark
with understanding,
your skin is pale
with pain,
 your back is
burden weary,
and your hands
are labor stained.

 These pictures are of the boys
 helping their dad 
clear some land.
They had a day off
from the agricultural, seasonal work 
they have been doing. 
They are trying to get a chunk
of Jake's school loans paid off
so they can take
another road trip.

It's so good to have him home for a while.

When they came inside
they wanted to make supper-
Home-made Mac and Cheese
and a big tray of
roasted veggies.

I love my boys!


  1. How great for you to have the boys home.
    Our homes light up when our children are around.
    They sure look busy.
    Enjoy your time with them Lisa.
    val x x x

  2. They look like some hard workers! And who doesn't like homemade mac and cheese!

  3. Such handsome boys--there is something iconic about those pictures.
    I love all your beautiful green dishes!

  4. To help their father outside of their home, and to help their mother inside...How lovely! You are such lucky mother.

  5. I understand you are happy having them around...
    and like Jen I love those dishes (well all of kitchen really)

    hugs : )

  6. So nice to have your boys at home! I miss having my daughter home, it is so hard when they move away. Enjoy your time with them, Laura

  7. Boys boys boys... snips and snails and puppy dogs tails - much nicer than sugar and spice I say. My heart swells with the love I can feel in your words. It is such a blessing to observe our sons grow into men... light and love to you and yours ... ♥

  8. Oh you are so lucky to have such great men in your life. I love your green dishes:) Enjoy. B

  9. It's great that your sons are comfortable in the kitchen!

  10. ... no wonder you love them! They appear to be the best boys on the world!! Love those green dishes, by the way! A blessed post - thank you! Christa